Cash in hands - Estate Sales

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We are the proud recipients of the Sol Kaplan award in 1999, issued by the Professional Numismatics Guild (PNG) for honesty and integrity in reuniting a stolen paper money collection, with a value of $500,000, to its rightful owner.


Q. What are the fees and/or costs involved with having an estate sale?

A. Our fees are based on a percentage of total sales.  You are not required to pay anything upfront. Cleanout services are an optional service we can provide if desired and will be deducted from the proceeds of sale.

Occasionally, there are additional costs for specialty appraisers, packing and moving items, cleaning services or other optional services we can provide. Any additional costs are optional and will be discussed up front and the estate is responsible for paying the individual vendors.

Q. What are my responsibilities?

A. Your main responsibility is to remove any items from the estate that you do not wish to sell. We will take care of the rest!

Q. Where do you advertise your sales?

A. We use all the resources available online and in print to advertise! Estate; Estate; Craigslist; Above & Beyonds data base of customers and anywhere folks look to find Estate Sales!

Q. What do you do with items that don't sell at the estate sales?

A. On completion of the sale, you have many choices before you.
Give them to family, friends or neighbors.
Donate to your favorite charities, or Above & Beyond can provide a list of charities as well.
Choose a clean out crew to remove the final items and broom sweep.